Chiddingstone Castle

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chiddingstone Castle

Dear Lara
It is remiss of me but I can’t remember whether or not I said thank you for catering for the wedding on Saturday so brilliantly. Your serving staff were perfect with just the right level of interaction! Needless to say the food was fantastic - everyone said so, but more significantly, four friends in my age group i.e. people who must have been to a lot of weddings including some extremely sumptuous ones, all said that it was the best wedding food they had ever had. That must be an opinion that carries weight!
After you had cleared up and left, we found five of your tumblers/beer glasses, and one wine glass, so if you are passing….There was also one breakage - a white bowl which one of the pageboys was using to pass around crisps.
I apologise if we kept your bar-staff ridiculously busy - we know they worked hard because this morning it took Alison and I twenty five minutes just to post the empties into the bottle bank - there were hundreds of them.
If asked, we will definitely recommend you - although if your standards are always that high, I doubt you have many gaps in your diary for years ahead.
William Swift

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