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The Springles

Making sure your wedding memories last a lifetime is guaranteed if you have photographs you’ll cherish forever. We love working with husband and wife duo Ash and Kat, AKA The Springles. They have a completely remarkable talent for capturing the wonder in every moment. And it helps that they’re lovely people too. We sat down with them to find out a little more about their secrets for making your day a cut above, and what top tips they have for choosing your wedding photographer…

The Springles

Q // How did you both start out in photography, and is it something you always wanted to do?

Ash started taking photos of bands when he was younger and then studied photography at college, working in film. Kat started taking photos as a nightclub promoter and is self-taught. Both of us have always had a love of photography and we feel humbled every day that it is our job. Neither of us thought we’d ever have ‘professional photographer’ on our CV!

Q// How would you describe your signature style?

Our work is warm, romantic and natural. You will find most of our couples are pictured in nature because we feel a strong sense of connection to our environment. We place a strong emphasis on creating space for couples to interact as they would naturally, so we direct very little and we never ‘fake’ or force anything.

The Springles

Q// Who and what inspires you in your work?

Our greatest inspiration will always be the natural world. We believe human beings are truly remarkable and that love has the power to unite and to change things for the better. We also have a deep love of travel, architecture, music and design, and we like to try and channel those influences in our work.

Q// What works well collaborating as a husband and wife team?

We each bring a different creative perspective. There is no ego; once we’ve shot an event we never check whose work was whose. When you’re looking at a Springles image you’re effectively looking at our two creative brains working as one.

Q// You’ve worked quite extensively with Kalm Kitchen. What has been your experience of them, and what is it about them you like the most?

Kalm Kitchen has an unrivalled level of professionalism and have a real heart for people. They are a driven and creative company who pride themselves on excellence and attention to detail. We love that about them. Also we adore how everything they do comes out of relationships. They are ‘people people’ first and foremost and we believe that’s at the core of any really inspirational business.

The Springles

Q// What has been the most beautiful or memorable project you’ve worked on?

We were privileged to work on a beautiful intimate wedding in Tuscany with a wonderful couple who trusted our vision for their day implicitly. They completely included us in their day along with their small party of 20 guests, and it felt wonderful to be so involved. We laughed when they laughed, cried when they cried. We believe connection with other people is the stuff of life, so for us it was just the dream day at work.

Q// What would be your dream event to photograph?

Any wedding day where the bride and groom have been completely true to their vision for the day is a dream to work on. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all unique and wonderful in their own way. But the best weddings are the ones where the couple feel totally relaxed, at ease, and are having fun.

Q// Tell us a bit your own wedding day. And any golden rules lessons you learnt during the planning process!

We got married at the church where Kat’s parents were married, and then had our reception on a local farm. We hired in everything; catering, tables and chairs, décor, right down to forks! We had enamel jugs on each table which Kat hand-painted in a ‘Roses and Castles’ bargeware motif, vibrantly coloured wild floristry and ribbons everywhere. Our favours were horse brasses. We spent the afternoon watching morris dancers, listening to our friend playing acoustic guitar and drinking local beer sat on hay bales. In the evening we had a BBQ and a folk band. We had the best day ever and wouldn’t change a thing. Our top tip is to discuss what really matters to you right at the beginning of the planning process, and spend your budget on making those things the best they can be.

The Springles

Q// What advice would you give to couples who are currently researching photographers for their big day?

In many ways photographs are the ONLY thing (apart from your memories and your marriage) that will last beyond the wedding day. Our tips for choosing your photographer are:

  • Choose a professional photographer rather than a hobbyist and book them in good time before the day
  • Make sure you really like them; you’ll spend loads of time with them on the day!
  • Make sure you love their work and have seen enough portfolio to be confident that they consistently deliver the style you love so much
  • Check what their past couples are saying about them online in reviews etc.
  • Remember that photography is an art form, and the camera is just a tool. When you book a photographer you are buying their artistic perspective. It’s worth bearing that in mind as you research.

To find out more about Ash and Kat, visit their website

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