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Special occasions are all about laughing, celebrating and spending time together, and as we all know, gathering everyone around the table can often provide the biggest talking point of all. Kalm Kitchen founder Jen says, ‘There’s something really fun and interactive about food that everyone shares between them. It’s a great, informal way to encourage everyone to chat and get stuck in. The best part of these relaxed feasts is that they always look amazing, and taste completely delicious too!’ Dreaming up and presenting spectacular platters of sharing food is one of our favourite tasks at Kalm Kitchen. Here are some of our recent dishes just made for diving into!

Starting in style

Well, they say you eat with your eyes – so feast your eyes on this! Possibly the prettiest starter we’ve ever created, this glorious display of Beetroot Hummus, Hummus, Sun blushed Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Figs, Beetroot and Feta salad, Tabbouleh, Spiced Nuts, Olives, Burrata, Grana Padana, Parma Ham, Lamb Koftas, Pea and Broad Bean Crostini, Isle of Wight Tomato Crostini and Assorted Crackers provided the perfect symphony of flavours, and honestly tasted every bit as beautiful as it looked.

Carve at the table

How to supercharge a simple roast into the star of the show? How about a whole piece of locally-sourced meat, cooked to perfection and carved straight onto your plate! For total luxury, a fillet of tender beef is presented on a board alongside thyme, slow-roasted shallots and a scattering of pretty, edible flowers. Our butterflied Leg of Lamb is served up with seasonal vegetables such as asparagus, kale or a mountain of succulent peas in the pod. All that’s left is for someone to step up and do the honours with the carving knife!

Summer Sensation

Our bold, floral Summer Berry Pavolvas are adorned with lashings of cream, the ripest seasonal fruits and finished off with edible flowers. Designed to be sliced at the table, someone in each group is nominated to be server – at this recent wedding each one came complete with chef’s hat and detachable moustache! Fun, smiles, and an absolute slice of summer.

Sweet dreams

Could you imagine anything more indulgent than layers of brownie, custard, cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate shards, popping candy, cocoa nibs, chocolate soil, chocolate shavings and salted caramel. Sliced into utterly decadent servings, our Carve at the Table Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie Pavlova is the dessert of dreams! Alternatively, our signature Millefeuille is elegant, abundant, generous, messy, indulgent all at the same time – it’s a bit of a challenge to whoever takes the first slice, but once those glorious layers are all mingled there’s no shortage of takers for the last one!

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