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In our continuing quest to introduce you to the wonderful people behind the scenes at Kalm Kitchen, we had a catch up with Event Planner Hannah Woodley, whose recent experience of planning her own wedding has given her even more insight into what it take to plan your dream day…

Q// Hannah, when did you join Kalm Kitchen and what has been your journey since you started?

A: I joined the Kalm Kitchen team in April 2017 – it’s impressive to see that the team has more than doubled in size since then! I have taken on managing the bookings for Micklefield Hall in addition to working at other fabulous venues.

Q// Tell us a little about your role at Kalm Kitchen, and what’s a typical day for you?

A: My role as an Event Planner includes working at Kalm Kitchen HQ in Puttenham where I host initial meetings with our wonderful couples, gaining insight to their perfect day. On event days I am out at our gorgeous venues and private houses bringing all of our couples plans to life. It is fair to say that there is no ‘typical day’ in the world of events, which I think is half its charm and keeps things interesting!

Q// What are the things you most enjoy about your role?

A: The people – in and outside of Kalm Kitchen. One of my favourite things about my role at Kalm Kitchen is that every day I am privileged to work alongside some of the kindest, most inspirational people I have met, and now call family. The events industry is extremely diverse, not to mention challenging at times so you need to have a strong support network, and that is exactly what you can find at Kalm Kitchen. Working with fantastic suppliers really elevates my role too – running an event when I know I am working alongside a team of other passionate people towards the same goal is something really unique.

Q// What’s the best ever event you’ve ever had the pleasure to work on? What made it so special.

A: To be honest, there are no two events that can be compared like for like. Every single event that we cater for – whether is a dinner party for 30 people, or a lavish wedding for 300 people – is equally special.

Q// What are the particular skills you think you have that make you good at your job?

A: I am adaptable and approachable and I will happily to talk to anyone, which – especially in this industry – is beneficial!

Q// What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while planning or hosting an event?

A: Our couples are so creative and always bring a smile to my face with their ideas. It’s too hard to pick just one standout moment, but I would pin it down to working with animals – from owl ringbearers to incorporating farm animals – totally unpredictable! Let’s just say llamas bring so much joy to a party too!

Q// If you could choose a dream party to plan, what would it be?

A: I love the idea of planning a wedding for a close family member or friend to create a truly memorable day. I envisage a simple but elegant wedding on a small fort with an endless flow of prosecco and delicious Kalm Kitchen food!

Q// What are your best tips for hosting the most successful party?

A: Stick to your gut, but also be open to advice. If you are planning an event – party, dinner, wedding – whatever the event, make sure it is what you want. Create a vision and run with it. Once you are clear with your vision, fully hand over to your event manager/planner so you can relax and enjoy all the elements as they unravel on the day.

Q// We understand you got married recently. What are the things you learnt from being on ‘the other side’?

A: Enjoy the ride and stay positive. It’s such an exciting time and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t felt all emotions at times planning my own wedding, but that’s perfectly normal and now this is something I feel helps me connect better to my clients. Planning an event is only going to be as overwhelming as you make it. My advice would be to choose the suppliers you are most comfortable with and trust that they will execute all your plans.

Q// What’s your favourite food, and do you have a foodie guilty pleasure?

A: I am terrible for snacking – I would much rather eat little and often rather than sit down and eat a big meal. Put a coffee in my hand and a bag of popcorn in the other and I feel like I’m winning!

Q// What’s your signature dish – the one you’re an absolute pro at rustling up?

A: For someone who works in the catering events industry, I am terrible in that I never follow a recipe – something I have 100% inherited from my mum.

Q// What do you do in your downtime?

A: I am a country girl at heart and family is everything to me. My husband and I are lucky to live just around the corner from both of our parents and will regularly be found either with them walking the dogs or down in Brighton with my sister wandering through the Lanes and drinking cocktails.

Q// What did you want to be when you were growing up, and are there any unfulfilled ambitions?

A: I have always had a lot of love for animals and growing up I loved the idea of being a vet but, at six years old cuddling baby animals and meeting everyone’s cute pets was my concept of what a vet was!

Q// If you had to make a rule for one day and everyone had to follow it, what would it be?

A: Smile, be kind and eat guilt-free brownies all day!

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