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Kitchen News :   17 / 10 / 19

Nuts about doughnuts

‘Mmmm doughnuts!’ We were excited to introduce a ‘doughnut wall’ to the Kalm Kitchen repertoire last year. And The Guardian has just tipped this delicious dessert craze as a trend to watch in 2019. Now, we’ve teamed up with local baking legend Jack Sturgess – AKA ‘Bake with Jack’ – to elevate this tasty favourite to a whole (or should we say hole) new level!┬áJack has been working on some new flavour combinations for us, as well as coming up with some novel variations of this sweet confection.

We love working with Jack, and it seems the feeling is mutual. ‘This is a dream project for me, ‘ he admits. ‘I mean, I love doughnuts, and I’m desperate to go to a wedding where there’s a doughnut wall!’ So, can Jack sum up the secret to a perfect doughnut? ‘Because they’re cooked so quickly, it’s really important that the dough is as light as possible. If it’s too dense it won’t cook all the way through, so we need to keep it light with the ideal ratio of butter and eggs.’

As well as experimenting with imaginative flavour combinations based on some of your favourite desserts, we also challenged Jack to come up with a vegan version. ‘All I’ll say is that apple puree instead of egg in a vegan doughnut is a total game changer,’ he confides. We can’t wait for you to taste the results!

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