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Hannah Berry Flowers

We’re lucky enough to work with some of the most creative and talented people in the wedding and events industry, and it’s often these collaborations which takes things to a whole new level when we’re coming up with our own ideas. One of our favourites to work with is award-winning bespoke floral designer and stylist Hannah from Hannah Berry Flowers. Her imagination and endless talent is simply inspiring. We sat down with her for a chat to find out a little more about her and how she’s mastered the art of turning simple flowers into magical fairytales…

Q: How did you start out in floristry, and is it something you always wanted to do?

A: Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for flowers, and even now my philosophy is that a home is never complete without a flower in a room. I’ve always loved growing them, picking them and making things with them, whether it was creating pressed flower cards (when I was young) daisy chains in the garden, or drawing or painting them. While working as a waitress at a local wedding venue through my uni years, I used to get excited to see the flower scheme arrive for that weekend’s wedding, so I guess maybe this is where it all began.

Q: How would you describe your signature style?

I would describe my signature style as natural, earthy and organic for sure. Always lots of detail and texture, and as anyone familiar with my work will know, I often love to add the odd Pheasant feather in!

Q: Who and what inspires you in your work?

A: I guess most of my inspiration comes from living on a working farm and the natural surroundings. I have a very enthusiastic Working Cocker Spaniel called Dug, who requires long walks daily. Dug and I spend lots of time in the woods and countryside, often foraging for cones, bark, twigs and feathers etc. My coat pockets are always overflowing with these items, but I can’t help it, as I just love collecting things! You never know when these may come in handy for a future flower scheme. I have a passion for detail and I regularly use natural foraged items amongst my displays to add texture. I particularly love moss – always have, and always will! I also have a cutting garden where I grow lots of flowers. I often spend warm summer evenings tending to the flowers and enjoying the gifts the summer season offers us (as well as a glass of wine!) I love the fact that each flower is individual and has grown organically and so naturally.

Q: You’ve worked quite extensively with Kalm Kitchen. What has been your experience of collaborating with them, and what is it about them you like the most?

A: It’s always such a pleasure to collaborate with the Kalm Kitchen team, and when this happens ofter my creative juices go into overdrive! They are always so on trend and they really do inspire me. Although food is a huge part of their business, presentation and their creative flair really sets their brand aside from other catering companies and our crazy styling ideas always just seem to work – I think Jen and I are just on the same wavelength!

Q: What has been the most beautiful or memorable project you’ve worked on?

A: That’s such a tough question as every flower scheme is completely unique and different. I spend months working with each couple to create their bespoke flower scheme and to make it as personal as possible. There have been so many schemes over the years, but my guilty pleasure is the autumn season because of its natural beauty, array of earthy colours and the organic props. So, therefore a very recent wedding we had the pleasure of creating at Millbridge Court, alongside Kalm Kitchen where the team and I constructed the most gorgeous autumn organic arch, using mostly British and locally grown foliage and flowers, along with hundreds of leaves and pumpkins stands out.

Q: What would be your dream event to work on?

A: I don’t have a dream event as such, but just for fun … (if I had an endless budget) I would love to style a room from top to bottom with an organic and magical forest of trees and a carpet of natural flowers growing up from the ground with a mossy covering just to sit in with my friends and drink Prosecco.

Q: What is trending right now in wedding floral design, and is there anything in particular that’s emerging as a new trend?

A: I can see grasses (all different heights and varieties) are going to be very popular next season! Great for me as I love a grass.

Q: What advice would you give to brides who are currently making the flower choices for their big day?

A: It is always a good idea to choose seasonal flowers when planning your wedding flowers as this helps with the cost and it also means we are more likely to be able to purchase it from a local flower farm, meaning less air miles and pollution for the environment.

Q: What are your favourite things and places to decorate at an event or celebration?

A: Arches and Mantelpieces are great bases for designs. They are so versatile and you can go all out with the styling, plus they create great focal points in a room. I also love creating floral hanging installations.

Q: And finally, what would be your ultimate bouquet to create? And your all-time favourite flowers?

A: It’s so difficult for me to name my favourite flower (I think this is one of the reasons why I haven’t got married!) I have far too many to choose from. Seasons are so important to me, so I guess my favourite flower falls into the season at the time. Every Spring I fall in love with the petite, but romantic blowsy Ranunculus. During the Summer I am slightly partial to an Apricot Fox Glove Delphinium – I just love the size and form of these typical cottage garden flower and it’s so versatile in arrangements. During Autumn, the Cafe au Lait Dahlia and the change of the colours in the tree foliage; and Winter, well a Hellebore wins hands down!

For enquiries, or to find out more about Hannah, check out | Hannah Berry Flowers, Unit 1, Lower Old Park Farm, Doras Green Lane, Farnham, Surrey GU10 5DX | 07871 037536

Credits… All images courtesy of Hannah Berry

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