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Meet Kalm Kitchen Event Manager Josh Futcher. With a background in hospitality, we caught up with him to find out what his role at Kalm Kitchen involves, and why imagination (and lots of gin) is his secret to a good party!

Q// When did you join Kalm Kitchen and give us a summary of what your day-to-day role entails…

I joined Kalm Kitchen in September 2019. Day to day I look after the enquires for corporate, community and private clients. I also run meetings and manage weddings at all of the venues that we work with.

Q// Tell us a little about what you did before joining Kalm Kitchen.

Before joining Kalm Kitchen I have worked at some great hospitality and events venues including Champney’s health spa, The Deer’s Hut Pub and Millbridge Court. I also studied Criminology and Sociology at the University of Brighton.

Q// What are the things you most enjoy about working with Kalm Kitchen?

What I most enjoy about working with Kalm is the fast pace, ever-changing environment. No two days are the same and I feel like I am constantly learning and growing in my role. I also like the personable environment that Jen and James pride themselves on. It really is a fun-loving team.

Q// What are the particular skills you think you have (or need) that make you good at your job?

I think you need to be personable and confident to make sure your clients feel at ease in your company and when discussing their plans. You need to convey your enthusiasm and excitement. After all, every single wedding is important. I think you also need to work effectively under pressure. There are moments when the pressure is high and important decisions need to be made. It’s best to keep a cool head and remember that there is always a solution.

Q// If you could choose a dream party to plan, what would it be?

As much as I love working with weddings, I absolutely love private events where clients really go wild with their imaginations. My dream party would be:
Who: Anyone who knows how to have a good time. A few celebs too if possible
Where: Private Island (though I am now thinking about how we would get everything there!!)
When: Summer
What: A huge concert with all different forms of entertainment, on the beach with a whole range of food and drink available. Think Glastonbury meets full moon party. I can’t see it ever happening… but a boy can dream.

Q// What’s the most memorable party or event you’ve planned?

I feel the most memorable party that I have planned was my own. I made the executive decision to tell half of my guests it was a black-tie event and the other half it was beach themed. That definitely broke the ice.

Q// What do you think are the main ingredients for hosting a super successful party?

Imagination, definitely. Alongside fun, enthusiastic guests, great food, unique entertainment and lots of gin.

Q// What’s your favourite food, meal and place to eat?

You really can’t beat a piece of rare lamb with all the trimmings to make a perfect roast dinner.

Q// What’s your foodie guilty pleasure?

Chocolate Angel Delight… I know its childish but it is just too good. Let’s see if I can get it on the Kalm Kitchen menu. Watch this space.

Q// What’s the best thing on the KK menu?

I think my general favourites are the canapés. They are all so quirky and aesthetically pleasing served on the theatrical trays and mirrors. The beef shin croquette and mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef are definitely top two for me.

Q// Are you a good cook? What’s your signature dish – the one you’re most likely to rustle up?

I am known for make a cracking beans on toast with cheese but am yet to master the art of poaching an egg. As I said, watch this space –  I really hope I will be able to have an insight into kitchen life working with this great team.

Q// What do you do in your downtime? Any secret hobbies or pastimes?

In my downtime I love spending time with my family and close friends. I get down to Brighton as often as possible and try out all the amazing bars and restaurants I couldn’t afford when I lived there! I also spend lots of time with my dog. Looking to get her a brother or sister this year too. I am not sure if it is a hobby or an obsession but I also spend more time than I care to tell you watching EastEnders on repeat. I guess I am an old woman at heart.

Q// What did you want to be when you were growing up? What would you be doing if it wasn’t your current job?

Growing up I always wanted to be a chat show host. And to be honest I feel it could still be my calling. I am greatly envious of Graham Norton. His livelihood is sitting on a comfy chair with a glass of Vino chatting to Dame Judy Dench. THE DREAM.

Q// What’s your favourite book… film… and song…?

Book: I don’t read much but the Harry Potter series was a big part of growing up so I guess I would have to say them.
Film: Anything with Melissa McCarthy is always worth a watch.
Song: Mood depending but Adele is my ‘go to’ gal.

If you’d like to speak to Josh or any of our lovely team about planning an event or your special day, get in touch at or call us on 01483 813360.

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